Hi there!

I'm Daniel Huigens, or twiss. I'm originally from 🇳🇱 Amsterdam, but currently based in 🇨🇭 Geneva.

I'm the cryptography team lead at Proton (the developer of Proton Mail, Calendar, Drive, and VPN). In that capacity, I'm the lead maintainer of OpenPGP.js and go-crypto, both of which implement the OpenPGP standard of encryption.

I'm also a co-author of the OpenPGP crypto-refresh draft standard, which aims to modernize the cryptography used in OpenPGP. I also contributed to Key Overwriting (KO) Attacks against OpenPGP, which presents novel exploits against vulnerabilities in OpenPGP (which are fixed in the crypto refresh).

I also volunteered as editor of the Web Cryptography API specification. There, I aim to modernize the cryptographic primitives available in the Web Crypto API. To start, I authored the Secure Curves in the Web Cryptography API draft specification, which proposes to add Curve25519 and Curve448 to Web Crypto.

Prior to working at Proton, I created Airborn, a private (end-to-end encrypted) document (and presentation) editor.

My GitHub: twiss.

My email: reveal.

Thanks for hopping by!